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What is CBD oil?

What does CBD mean? CBD means “cannabidiol”. The CBD, the THC, and some other essential oils make up the strain of “cannabinoids”. These are, generally speaking, the “effective” ingredients in the oil of cannabis hemp. Unlike the THC, CBD does not look good. This has already been confirmed by the WHO. However, the CBD also acts as a sleep-promoting agent in cases of severe overdose. The primary effect, however, is the release of cramps of all kinds. In addition, it has beneficial effects on the skin.

CBD oila variably usable dosage form of cannabidiol. Since CBD has a nonpsychoactive effect, consumers are particularly interested in the healing powers and some relaxation. In contrast to the highmaking THC, CBD can be legally bought and consumed in almost all countries.

Our CBD oil is based on i. d. R. on hempseed oil, but has no intoxicating effect compared to othercannabisbased oilssuch as hash oil or marijuana oil (cannabis oil). Since CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant by the CO2 extraction process, traces of THC may be present. However, these are far below the legal limit of 0.2% due to the certification with less than 0.05% THC (7). Since the ingredient CBD does not necessarily have to be extracted from the hemp seeds themselves, the stems of the plant are also suitable. In order to cultivate our products as ecologically as possible, uses highquality EUcertified hemp, which in contrast to the other cannabis species naturally has relatively low THC.

Like many other CBD producers, the CBD oil we offer is based on hempseed oil. This means it is used as the primary basis for our formula and then the essential hemp extract is addeddepending on the desired CBD concentration (5%, 10% or 20%). Thus, you get an innovative product that results from the natural healing properties of hemp seed.

Is CBD oil legal?

We want to develop unique CBD products for you as a customerwithout any additional chemicals. We from offer you our naturally pure CBD hemp oils, which are obtained from the extracts of organic hemp, in different concentrations. Depending on your needs, you can choose a productyou are welcome to buy the CBD oil in bottles of 10 ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml. Practical is also our dropper bottles, with which you can dose your CBD oil practically and precisely.

The following CBD oil concentrations are available from

5% CBD oilmild

10% CBD oilmedium

20% CBD oilstrong

The coldpressed hempseed oil is known for its high content of essential fatty acids and proteins, which makes it the optimal basis for our Wellness Oil. With its naturally occurring omega6 and omega3 fatty acids (ratio 3: 1), it makes the CBD oil unique for use. Do you have any questions? – No problem! Just contact us and our dedicated customer service is at your disposal.

All of our CBD products go through rigorously controlled manufacturing processes, so we can deliver the best possible quality to you as a customer. In addition to clean CO2 extraction processes, we dispense with pesticides, herbicides or other chemical materials that could contaminate our CBD products. We appreciate the effect of themiracle plantcannabis and therefore, during production, make sure that the full range of plant pollen remains in our products.

In particular, a high bioavailability distinguishes our CBD products. The decarboxylation, which is necessary to convert the inactive cannabinoid CBDa into its active form (CBD), makes the CBD oil much more easily metabolized by the body. Another positive aspect of our range is the pleasant smell and taste of our cannabidiol oil. The full terpene spectrum not only enhances the effect of hemp oil, it also makes the smell and tastes more neutral. For, often remain in unclean filtered manufacturing processes black secretions from plant substances, which have a bitter taste. In addition, there are virtually no side effects associated with the use of the CBD oil.

 Top 5 Benefits of CBD oil 

 The fact that the CBD boom in Western countries is still in the making, you can see from the fact that reviews of ointments are very difficult to find. In the US, where hemp products have a longer market presence, there is already more to read. The selection of CBG-containing ointments is also much larger there than in Western countries. Interestingly, the manufacturers of CBD ointment have already discovered the high quality of European organic hemp for themselves. This is very surprising, as the professionally grown hemp has experienced a tremendous boom in the USA in recent years. The manufacturer “Green Garden Gold” from Texas nevertheless uses only organic hemp from Western countries, Austria or Switzerland for its skin cream.

With the CBD cream, however, it is as with all other natural remedies, dietary supplements also: The effect has not been scientifically proven, the inefficiency, however, not. The WHO has officially confirmed the harmlessness or non-toxicity of CBD, so the official opinion is: CBD can not hurt. This is especially true for skin creams.

However, if one believes the reports of experience, it is consistently reported that it has a beneficial, painless effect. However, there are many and very different ointments that are enriched with CBD. The effect can then vary greatly in detail. Camphor and menthol ointments are more likely to cool. Ointments with chili or bee venom have a warming effect. Neutral ointments behave unspecifically on the part of tempering. In the case of ointments, therefore, apart from the content of CBD, it is above all a question of the combination of the ingredients.

CBD oil in Alzheimer’s and dementia

CBD flowers are an unprocessed natural product. The flowers are plucked as a bud just before blooming. Then their content of CBD is highest. Then they are carefully dried. The drying process must be slow, sOnst are lost too many essential oils. CBD flowers are inhaled. You can smoke them in a pipe or a joint. However, it burns a large part of the essential oils and produces toxic by-products. It is, therefore, better to inhale the CBD flowers with the help of a nebulizer. The nebulizer penetrates the CBD flowers with hot water vapor. Burning is thus reliably prevented. This method makes the CBD blooms also consumable for children. High-quality inhalers cost about 30 euros. 1 gram of CBD flowers cost about 10 euros. For e-cigarettes, the CBD flowers are less suitable. There are practical e-liquids for e-cigarettes which are a much more comfortable and clean solution.

CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD. A CBD crystal is practically 100% cannabidiol. Its production is very complex and it requires large quantities of the hemp plant. This makes the CBD crystals the most expensive dosage form. A single gram costs about 70 euros. Therefore, CBD crystals are sold by the milligram. The recommended daily dose for beginners is 5 – 25 mg. The smallest release form of CBD crystals is 500 mg. This amount of about 33 dollars  is sufficient for at least 20 days. However, CBD crystals are very direct and strong in action. In addition, they are difficult to dose. They are therefore recommended only for particularly serious cases of illness such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s or seizures. For the treatment of headache or menstrual pain, higher concentrated CBD oils are more practical because they are better to dose.

CBD oil in hepatitis and in cancer

For the natural products CBD flowers and CBD grass, the challenge is to keep the THC content to the legal maximum of 0.2%. This can not always be guaranteed, so these products are always critically eyed by the state. In Berlin, there have been numerous raids and seizures, as the prosecutor believes the sale of this grass is illegal. The jurisprudence is far from unanimous in terms of CBD grass across Western countries. It is repeatedly classified as “not legal” because it is not recognized as a dedicated medical product.

That is quite contradictory in itself. The cannabidiol content of CBD grass is quite low. It can thus be dosed quite accurately and used as needed. Unlike the CBD flowers, the grass is not very good for vaporizing. The only way to consume it is to smoke. This makes CBD products the most damaging alternative. But it is very cheap – a can of CBD grass costs from 7 euros.

The CBD resin also called “CBD hashish”, is the CBD variants of the known THC resin. It is used for smoking. CBD resin is obtained from the pressed pollen of the hemp plant. We advise against smoking from CBD. Smoking does not add to the effectiveness of CBD, but many of the essential oils are burned. When burning very harmful by-products, which are even carcinogenic. If you want to inhale CBD, stick to CBD oil inhalers or CBD Liquids e-cigarettes.

Terpenes are extracted from resin active ingredients. The CBD terpenes are therefore further treated, pressed pollen. It is another variant of CBD extraction, but it was not successful. We stick to our recommendation for the CBD oil.

CBD pollinates are another form of processing in which hemp pollen from CBD cultivars is processed into compacts. The CBD content is fluctuating and can not be controlled as precisely as with the CBD oil.

The Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food has currently approved about 50 varieties of hemp for cultivation. The reason: The THC content must not exceed 0.2 percent. In addition, the only certified seed may be used for cultivation and a special permit is required for hemp cultivation.

The sowing Fiber hemp takes place about April to May, a second then four weeks later. If the hemp seeds are not used and the hemp is intended for industrial purposes, the harvest takes place between July to about mid or end of September.

Side effects of CBD oil

If the hemp seeds are to be used, harvesting takes place between mid-September to mid-October.

Primarily, the cultivation of fiber hemp for the industry takes place. The hemp seeds are rather irrelevant because hemp oil is just a byproduct. If the seeds are intended for medicinal purposes, a separation of the hemp plant takes place. In oil mills from them then the high-quality CBD oil is pressed. The temperature may only be between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius because only this way all important ingredients are preserved. CBD oil is additionally enriched with CBD extracts, which are obtained from the distillation. This creates a high-quality remedy.

Since CBD is an endogenous hormone that is found in virtually all mammals, it is also applicable to animals. For example, CBD oil has the following effects on dogs:

  • Improvement of skin and coat
  • Relief of infection frequency, especially in the digestive system
  • pain relief
  • Help with disturbance of conduction (canine epilepsy)
  • Improvement of mobility
  • Control of inflammation, especially arthritis

However, CBD is used in dogs for one reason above all else: it has proven to be a powerful tranquilizer. A visit to the vet or a New Year’s Eve is much more pleasant with a sedated dog. CBD is a very good combination of tolerability and efficacy for the animal.

CBD is equally effective in horses. Due to the size of the animal, the dose should be increased. The frightful flight animals can be calmed with a suitable dose of CBD but optimally for trailer transport.

You can not and should not smoke CBD oil. By burning in tobacco, the beneficial components of the oil change into toxins. These are for the most part strongly suspected of triggering cancer. If CBD oil is to be inhaled, you can use an evaporator.

How to use CBD oil?

CBD oil is the most versatile of all CBD products. It can be applied internally and externally. This can treat skin problems as well as internal ailments.

In internal use, the direct trickling under the tongue has established itself. The problem with this method is just that you can count the drops so bad. Therefore, we recommend that you first pour the desired amount of CBD oil drops into a teaspoon and then pass under the tongue. This method is very effective. Under the tongue run large blood vessels along. The oral mucosa absorbs the CBD oil quickly and leads it directly into the blood vessels. Thus, the CBD oil passes directly into the bloodstream without first passing through the digestive tract. This method is suitable if a general entrapment effect is to be achieved. The spectrum ranges from headaches to muscle cramps, excitement or serious illnesses like Parkinson’s. This method can also be used very effectively to combat the fear of examining or flying.

For abdominal cramps, it makes sense, of course, that the CBD oil enters the gastrointestinal tract. This is also the desired amount is added to a teaspoon and swallowed.

Another method is especially interesting for women who suffer from severe menstrual pain. The CBD oil is dropped onto a tampon and introduced as normal. It is absorbed in the vaginal area by the mucous membranes present there and can develop there quickly its pressing effect. This is a very effective way to combat menstrual pain without taking the usual painkillers. 

 However, they always lead to the danger of overdoses and thus gastric or liver damage. The only danger that threatens to overdose with the tampon method is slight tiredness. But the CBD offers a massive relief of the usually so intense, lasting over days and recurring every month pain. In the US, this method is already so established that already CBD-Scheiveräpfchen is commercially available. In Europe, these products are still waiting. However, even today, a woman using the tampon oil method can very well help with CBD oil to get through the “days” well.

CBD oil is also used to make care creams. It stimulates the immune system and thus promotes wound healing. In addition, it can be applied well to painful areas such as cramped calves, neck or the famous “tennis elbow” for pain relief. CBD ointment is comparatively inexpensive. As it externally applied n and should only have a local effect, a low concentration of 3 – 5% is sufficient.

Where to buy CBD oil safe?

The duration of action depends on the amount and concentration of CBD in the oil. The more oil is consumed and the higher the amount consumed, the longer-lasting its effect. In severe cases and high doses, taking 2-3 doses per day may provide lasting benefits. Women who use CBD to treat their menstrual pain report that the effect lasts about 6 to 7 hours. With two tampons a day they get along well over their period. For this application, a concentration of 5% is already sufficient. Per tampon, about 10 drops are needed. A higher concentration only has the consequence that the number of drops can be reduced. At a 10% concentration, 5-6 drops are enough to achieve the same effect.

How fast does CBD oil work? CBD has a fairly immediate effect. Especially for combating cramps, spasms, and pain, one can assume that the effect of the CBD oil will be almost instantaneous. It not only works directly on the painful and cramping areas but also has a general calming effect on the user. Women who use the tampon method for their menstrual pain report a noticeable onset of effect about 30 minutes after insertion. In addition to the release of the cramps, increased blood flow and warming of the abdominal area is detected. Many women who were virtually unable to work during their periods were able to return to working life through the CBD.

How long is CBD detectable in the body/hair? Is it generally detectable in a drug test?

A drug test is ineffective at CBD. The highly defined tests only show substances that are specifically searched for. Since CBD is legal, it will not be displayed in a drug test. It is thus undetectable in blood and hair in the context of a drug test. An extensive blood test, however, could certainly detect traces of CBD. However, such a statement is without consequences for the user.

In the course of scientific investigations, the detectability of CBD in hair and blood was examined in detail. The result is that it can be detected in the hair for up to three months.

Difference between CBD oil and hemp oil

Hemp oil is simply the oil of pressed hemp. Basically it is a normal food or care oil. For its part, it certainly has cosmetic and healing properties. However, it is far from comparable with the effect of the concentrated CBD oil. CBD oil is produced by first extracting the CBD from the hemp and then re-stretching it with oil. This allows the concentration of the CBD in the oil to be set exactly. The carrier oil is usually hemp oil. But there are also manufacturers who offer CBD oil in a wider range. This makes it easier for allergy sufferers to find a suitable CBD oil. In addition, it can be something to control the taste. The pure hemp oil has rather a hay-like taste. With walnut oil, for example, it is much tastier.